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Lance Briggs Tells Story Of Life After Football With Help From Brock

Published on March 22nd, 2017 | by Josh Palubicki

Lessening the impact for athletes’ long-term health is the core of why Brock manufactures the leading shock pads on the market for artificial turf sports surfaces. The opportunity to help bring Lance Briggs’ inspiring story to the world was something Brock’s management team enthusiastically embraced.

“We need to move football, and sports in general, forward,” said Dan Sawyer, CEO at Brock USA. “There has been such a negative of even antagonistic outlook between those trying to ‘protect the sport’ and those affected by sports injuries. Lance’s story shows how we can bridge the gap. He loves football and has such an optimistic outlook on the future of the sport, but he’s facing its repercussions head-on. The inspires us. We hope the viewers will also find inspiration in his story.”

Briggs’ had a career with the Chicago Bears where he was credited with over 900 tackles and nominated to the Pro Bowl seven times. Week by week he was shown blasting through offensive lines and pummeling his body against his opponents – something he recognizes now as not normal. “We’re not suppose to be doing these things to our bodies,” said Briggs contemplatively standing outside Soldier Field.

The focus of the “Lance Briggs – Time of my Life” Series will be on how he is exercising his mind and trying to fend off the symptoms of Chronic Traumatic Encepholopothy (CTE), a disease made famous by the research of Dr. Bennet Omalu and the film “Concussion” starring Will Smith. CTE has become somewhat of a pop culture phrase by those in the NFL and even used in jest by former NFL players. Recently on Fox Sports One’s “Undisputed,” Terrell Owens joked about a rumored altercation with a former teammate by saying, “…maybe I got a concussion, maybe I’m suffering from CTE, but I do not remember ever being challenged by Jason Witten.”

All kidding aside, the fear of long-term brain damage is very real for these athletes. “You get worried. I get concerned for myself. And even though I’ve never had suicidal thoughts, or anything like that, for it to happen to some great men and great football players, I know I can’t separate myself from that crowd,” Briggs said referencing former NFL players such as Junior Seau, Dave Duerson, and others who have committed suicide or had their lived dramatically affected by the symptoms of CTE.

The efforts of Briggs to cope with his brain injury symptoms is an important story, but it’s only part of the solution. There must be open dialogue on both the prevention and treatment for injuries sustained in turf sports, according to Sawyer. “Technologies exist to make football a safer sport without everyone having to resort to flag football. It’s time coaches, athletes, and fans were open to implementing what needs to be done,” Sawyer said.

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