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StubHub Center Embraces LA Spec & Brock

Published on March 9th, 2017 | by Josh Palubicki

The StubHub Center, home of five-time MLS Cup Champion LA Galaxy, has joined the “LA Spec” initiative to replace recycled crumb-rubber artificial turf fields with alternative infills all across Los Angeles. A key factor in swapping out rubber infills for organics or other types, is the necessity for a Brock Shock Pad. The “LA Spec” program was launched by the Los Angeles Parks and Rec Department as an effort to develop a system that yielded a safer, more durable, cooler, and more consistent performance than previous generations of rubber-filled artificial turf fields.

“StubHub Center Field 7 is an important location at our facility that allows us to support various forms of youth soccer,” said Katie Pandolfo, general manager of StubHub Center. “We knew we wanted to provide a high-performance shock pad in order to make the field safer and more playable. AstroTurf represents the best and latest technology in the industry, and we are excited to select the DT32 System in order to provide our players the best playing surface available and improve the overall experience on Field 7 at StubHub Center.”

The inclusion of a Brock Shock Pad system mimics a pristine natural grass surface by providing impact absorption characteristics that reduce the risk of concussions, while also retaining firmness for ball response, running, and limiting risk of lower extremity injuries. Combined with AstroTurf’s DT23 System, the field attains one of the best artificial turf playing surfaces on the market.

“We are the best in the world at building synthetic soccer fields. StubHub Center is a world-class venue, and the LA Galaxy are the standard bearers in MLS. This partnership between AstroTurf and StubHub Center represents two leaders in the industry looking to grow the game of soccer in one of the world’s best venues,” AstroTurf Director of Soccer, Anthony DiCicco said of the announcement. “This is another example of StubHub Center and the AEG organization leading the way for American soccer. In this case, their off-the-field decisions to move towards synthetic fields that don’t contain crumb rubber is a direct investment in their players’ safety and development on-the-field.”


AEG Global Partnerships, the organization managing the StubHub Center, and Brock also work well together in their environmental philosophies. Brock PowerBase Shock Pads are the only shock pads for artificial turf that can boast the coveted Cradle-to-Cradle certification and the Brock manufacturing facilities ran at 99.75% efficiency in 2016. The StubHub Center has been committed to limiting its environmental impact since its construction in 2003. The facility focuses efforts on saving energy and water, recycling, purchasing environmentally friendly products, and helping raise awareness of environmental issues. Some of their initiatives include:

  • Linking their lighting, air conditioning, and heating systems to motion sensors to ensure they are only consuming energy when spaces are occupied
  • Upgrading equipment, such as boilers and washing machines, to more energy-efficient models
  • Having irrigated fields and landscaping with recycled water since opening in 2003
  • Installing waterless urinals and faucet aerators to reduce water consumption
  • Creating a program to recycle bottles, cans, cardboard, paper, glass, plastic, metal, kitchen grease and more, and to compost food waste
  • Purchasing recycled-content paper products
  • Switching many cleaning products to green alternatives
  • Partnering with Levy Restaurants to source vegetables from on-site garden and purchase local and organic food for concessions
  • Creating initiatives to encourage alternative transportation to events, including free shuttles to select events, promotion of public transit options, and bike rack installation
  • Creating initiatives to encourage alternative transportation to events, including free shuttles to select events, promotion of public transit options, and bike rack installation
  • Launching several annual events to educate community about environmental issues, including Earth Hour, Earth Day, and America Recycles Day

Read the full AstroTurf Press Release

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