24 Jun

A Discussion of Rotational Resistance & Traction in Artificial Turf: Part 1

An in-depth look at the current testing method used to measure rotational resistance and traction, ... Read More »
19 Jun

Virginia Soccer Association Plans Renovation with Brock USA

“Matt Lacey and the board members of VSA should be commended for the amount of time and effort they ... Read More »
17 Jun

New Turf, Same Shock Pad: 1st Replacement over ShockPad/SERIES

After seven years of festivals, events, youth programs, and of course, seven seasons with the ... Read More »
5 Jun

But What About Helmets?

Injuries will always be a part of athletics, but it is up to both the companies creating the safety ... Read More »
29 May

The Artificial Turf Debate: Why do Athletes prefer natural grass?

Studies have shown most athletes prefer playing on quality natural grass fields. The most notable ... Read More »
23 Apr

Research & Logic Concludes: Shock Pads = Safer Fields

Infilled artificial turf was a great step forward in our attempts to replicate natural grass, but ... Read More »
22 Apr

Adidas Joins Growing List of Companies Creating No-Waste Products

Adidas recently unveiled their 100% recyclable shoe called the Futurecraft Loop after more than 6 ... Read More »
18 Apr

Hatchlings hold up Grand Opening for Brock Field - Rio Americano High School

A story that has been heartwarming for some, frustrating for others, began earlier this month when ... Read More »
8 Apr

BrockFILL "Brings New Life" to Ed Defore Sports Complex

After reading research, field visits, and investigation, Macon-Bibb County made the decision to ... Read More »

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