28 Dec

Byrne & Jones Brings HIC to forefront of field testing

Leading artificial turf design firm, Byrne & Jones, posted a great article recently pertaining to ... Read More »
8 Nov

Bob Costas Warns of Football’s Dire Future if Solutions are not Embraced

Just one day before Bob Costas is set to be honored by the Concussion Legacy Foundation, news ... Read More »
9 Oct

Plans to Build an NFL Retirement Community in the Shadow of Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium

Ralph Wenzel played in the NFL for 7 years, and began to show cognitive impairments after ... Read More »
29 Sep

Artificial Pitches: Is it Time to Review Performance Requirements? - by Sports labs, Ltd.

Whenever we see information of value provided by reputable research institutes we push that ... Read More »
18 Sep

Should We Bring The "Standing-8 Count" Rule to Turf Sports?

Read More »
11 Sep

Brock Installed in First Iowa Field

Luther College’s Carlson Stadium is home to the first blue turf in Division III sports. Located in ... Read More »
4 Sep

Are Firm Premier League Fields to Blame for Knee Injuries?

Moments after being subbed into a match against Manchester United, Everton midfielder Muhamed Besic ... Read More »
23 Aug

Team Up Speak Up to Fight Concussions

Read More »
16 Aug

Independent Analysis of Brock ShockPads on GMax and Vertical Deformation

Read More »

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