7 Aug

"This means everything to the community." - Bremen School District 228 Installs Four Brock Fields

Bremen High School District 228 installed four artificial turf fields this summer as part of an ... Read More »
18 Jul

Media Event: School District Paves Way For Safer Chicago Sports

Join experts in synthetic turf field design and the staff of Bremen High School District 228 on ... Read More »
12 Jul

Spring Hill USD 230 Selects Brock USA and ATG Sports

“Spring Hill USD 230 (KS) has awarded ATG Sports the turf and track package for the Spring Hill ... Read More »
20 Jun

Could Soccer Exist Without Heading?

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, with over 250 million active players. Heading the ball is ... Read More »
19 Jun

Concussion Insurance: Coming to a School District Near You

The number of reported concussions in youth athletics continues to rise, and over 4 million sports ... Read More »
18 Jun

Woodpeckers Inspiring New Concussion Prevention Technology

NFL collisions can measure up to 150 times the force of gravity (G’s). Concussions involve many ... Read More »
6 Jun

Hiding Concussion Symptoms is a Dangerous Game

The NFL reported 244 concussions occurred during practices and games in the 2016 season. Following ... Read More »
6 Jun

The Chance of Rubber Infill Causing Cancer: 1 in a Million

In the span of an athletic career, participants can spend thousands of cumulative hours playing on ... Read More »
6 Jun

Changes Still Needed to Advance Concussion Policy and Culture

Cyclist Toms Skunjins took a hard fall in the Tour of California, and fell several more times while ... Read More »

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