29 Oct


  Shock Pads are here to stay.  Our friends at Sports Turf Company, Inc. published this fantastic ... Read More »
21 Mar

Testing for Critical Fall Height in Artificial Turf - E-Layer vs. Brock

Read More »
28 Dec

Byrne & Jones Brings HIC to forefront of field testing

Leading artificial turf design firm, Byrne & Jones, posted a great article recently pertaining to ... Read More »
29 Sep

Artificial Pitches: Is it Time to Review Performance Requirements? - by Sports labs, Ltd.

Whenever we see information of value provided by reputable research institutes we push that ... Read More »
16 Aug

Independent Analysis of Brock ShockPads on GMax and Vertical Deformation

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6 Jun

The Chance of Rubber Infill Causing Cancer: 1 in a Million

In the span of an athletic career, participants can spend thousands of cumulative hours playing on ... Read More »
31 May

TCPN / National IPA Purchasing Coop Contract Awarded to Brock USA

We are pleased to announce our award by the TCPN / National IPA Purchasing Coop for all Brock ... Read More »
31 May

Lower Extremity Injuries in Turf with Shock Pads Study: Results are in!

A new independent research project at the University of TN Center for Biomechanics used live ... Read More »
31 May

Researching Expansive Force & Friction for Artificial Turf Fields

To design and install an artificial turf field successfully it’s important to understand how ... Read More »

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