8 Feb

"Shocked" Documentary in the News

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30 Jan

"Dave Duerson Act" could ban tackle football for children under 12

Dave Duerson was a starting safety for the Chicago Bears 1985 Super Bowl championship team. He ... Read More »
9 Jan

Brock CEO Featured in Alma Mater Publication

Brock CEO, Dan Sawyer, was featured in the University of Colorado Boulder’s Colorado Arts and ... Read More »
9 Jan

Maryland SoccerPlex Brings State-of-the Art Technology to Synthetic Turf Fields

The Maryland Soccer Foundation is almost finished replacing its three existing turf fields with ... Read More »
9 Jan

Youth Football Players may take more Hits to the Head than Originally Thought

A Boston University study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found CTE in ... Read More »
28 Dec

Concussions more common in girls' soccer than any other sport

Sports concussions and CTE tend to be associated primarily with American football, but ... Read More »
28 Dec

Byrne & Jones Brings HIC to forefront of field testing

Leading artificial turf design firm, Byrne & Jones, posted a great article recently pertaining to ... Read More »
8 Nov

Bob Costas Warns of Football’s Dire Future if Solutions are not Embraced

Just one day before Bob Costas is set to be honored by the Concussion Legacy Foundation, news ... Read More »
9 Oct

Plans to Build an NFL Retirement Community in the Shadow of Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium

Ralph Wenzel played in the NFL for 7 years, and began to show cognitive impairments after ... Read More »

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