8 Mar

An Even Playing Field for Women in Sports

International Women’s Day commemorates the movement for equality and women’s rights and the ... Read More »
4 Mar

Shock Pads and Lower Extremity Injuries: UT Force Plate Research

Conventional wisdom indicates that a sports surface with too much vertical deformation (softness) ... Read More »
3 Mar

2016 Environmental Review

Brock USA had a solid year on the environmental front, but we will continue to try to reduce our ... Read More »
20 Feb

"In Perfect Condition After 10 Years" Ringsend Park

Across the Atlantic in the lush green Ringsend park, the install team at Sportlabs UK, Ltd. tore up ... Read More »
9 Feb

Brock Settles Lawsuit With Nexxfield – Original NexxPad No Longer Available in the United States or Canada

Brock USA, LLC and NexxField, Inc. settled their lawsuit that was pending in the U.S. District ... Read More »
8 Feb

Key and Peele Take On Concussions in Football

Brain injuries  in contact sports are no laughing matter, but sometimes it takes satire to bring to ... Read More »
2 Feb

Punxsutawney Phil vs. Your Sports Field

Today, America’s focus is on Punxsutawney Phil to see whether we’ll endure six more grueling months ... Read More »
26 Jan

Dallas Reporters Dig Into Artificial Turf Safety - Most Fields Untested

Read More »
25 Jan

If Only Bo Knew, What Bo Knows Now

Reminiscing on the popular Nike campaign featuring Bo Jackson, you may recall the catchphrase, “Bo ... Read More »

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