Dan Sawyer

Dan founded Brock in 1998 and has been the key creator and driver of many aspects of the company as it has grown throughout the years. He is a graduate of The University of Colorado, an environmentalist and Boulder, Colorado native. His professional experience originated in the medical products field, and he has been focused on product development, sales and marketing management for over 30 years.

Recent Posts

2 Mar

Shock Pads Reach a Tipping Point

Based on the groundbreaking novel by Malcolm Gladwell, tipping points occur when more than about ... Read More »
2 Mar

100+ Fields and Counting

Our program of testing and ongoing improvement continues. We are coming up on some fields ... Read More »
2 Mar

Brock’s Carbon Zero Program

This will be a company-wide effort and will analyze everything from how we dispose of a coffee cup, ... Read More »
4 Nov

Artificial Turf & The War on Microplastics: A Call To Action

Alongside global climate change, plastic pollution has surged into our popular consciousness as one ... Read More »
4 Feb

Why Shock Pads? 7 reasons why you should always include a shock pad in your artificial turf system

Informed buyers are getting out of the Stone Age and into the Technology Age. Laying carpet over ... Read More »
14 Jan

The Wonders of Wood

Wood has been part of mankind’s evolution for millennia. Thirty-one percent of the planets’ surface ... Read More »
1 Nov

Looking back and giving thanks - a letter from Dan Sawyer, CEO

    Brock USA is celebrating our 20-year anniversary! Looking back over the past two decades we ... Read More »

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