Max Troderman

Max started as an intern in the summer of 2019. He is currently a student at the University of Colorado Boulder and is heading into his senior year studying Journalism and Sociology. Max plans social media posts, writes blog articles, and assists with video production. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, snowboarding, photography, and playing ultimate frisbee. Max also loves to spend time with his Black lab/pointer mix dog named Quincy.

Recent Posts

29 Oct

Road to the World Series Starts on Brock Shock Pads

The FITTEAM Ballpark of the Palm Beaches is the home of the 2019 pennant winners, Washington ... Read More »
19 Aug

Dartmouth continues embracing Safety Technologies with VR Goggles

Dartmouth Football gained notoriety when they implemented robotic tackling dummies instead of ... Read More »
12 Aug


The Pearl High School Pirates first home football game will not only be the unveiling of new Brock ... Read More »
8 Aug

Avoiding Sports Because Of Fear Could Be Worse For America's Youth

Sports have been played, in one version or another, in almost every culture dating back thousands ... Read More »
16 Jul

Boise State replaces iconic blue turf field for the Second time over Brock

Boise State University made history back in 1986 when they installed the first-ever, non-green ... Read More »
5 Jul

MLB's Legacy program comes full circle With Community Fields in Cleveland

In 1997, baseball’s Midsummer Classic came to the city of Cleveland and with it came a new ... Read More »
17 Jun

New Turf, Same Shock Pad: 1st Replacement over ShockPad/SERIES

After seven years of festivals, events, youth programs, and of course, seven seasons with the ... Read More »
5 Jun

But What About Helmets?

Injuries will always be a part of athletics, but it is up to both the companies creating the safety ... Read More »

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