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Brock’s Carbon Zero Program

Published on March 2nd, 2020 | by Dan Sawyer

This will be a company-wide effort and will analyze everything from how we dispose of a coffee cup, to waste streams, air travel, factory operations, and every area where we can find improvement. Some of these things may drive up our internal costs. However, we feel that just as the past decade was a decade of technology, the next decade needs to be focused on climate. We are a small company with limited influence, but philosophically we feel that we can set an example and show that being good is good for business. In advance, we appreciate your support and patience on this next journey.

About the Author

Dan Sawyer

Dan founded Brock in 1998 and has been the key creator and driver of many aspects of the company as it has grown throughout the years. He is a graduate of The University of Colorado, an environmentalist and Boulder, Colorado native. His professional experience originated in the medical products field, and he has been focused on product development, sales and marketing management for over 30 years.

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