29 May

The Artificial Turf Debate: Why do Athletes prefer natural grass?

Studies have shown most athletes prefer playing on quality natural grass fields. The most notable ... Read More »
23 Apr

Research & Logic Concludes: Shock Pads = Safer Fields

Infilled artificial turf was a great step forward in our attempts to replicate natural grass, but ... Read More »
22 Apr

Adidas Joins Growing List of Companies Creating No-Waste Products

Adidas recently unveiled their 100% recyclable shoe called the Futurecraft Loop after more than 6 ... Read More »
18 Apr

Hatchlings hold up Grand Opening for Brock Field - Rio Americano High School

A story that has been heartwarming for some, frustrating for others, began earlier this month when ... Read More »
8 Apr

BrockFILL "Brings New Life" to Ed Defore Sports Complex

After reading research, field visits, and investigation, Macon-Bibb County made the decision to ... Read More »
3 Apr

Plant-Based Infills Gain Traction in Turf Market - Athletic Business Feature

Athletic Business ran a great article on the influx of new organic infill alternatives to crumb ... Read More »
25 Mar

ASU Opens Bro & Blegen Agility Field Featuring PowerBase/PRO

"On February 25, Sun Devil Athletics unveiled the new Bro & Blegen Agility Field on the north side ... Read More »
26 Feb

"Companies Consider Climate Change"

Many are responding to customers’ growing concerns about global warming Today the Chicago Tribune ... Read More »
6 Feb

Elkhorn Area School District Turning Heads With New AstroTurf & Brock

In an impressive display of planning, vision, and design, the Elkhorn Area School District as part ... Read More »

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