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Hatchlings hold up Grand Opening for Brock Field - Rio Americano High School

Published on April 18th, 2019 | by Josh Palubicki

A story that has been heartwarming for some, frustrating for others, began earlier this month when the Rio Americano High School's lacrosse team was getting ready to practice on their new "Field of Dreams." Unfortunately for the eager athletes, the construction crew found a nest of four Killdeer eggs nestled in one of the end zones. Due to the 1918 Migratory Bird Treaty Act, the school had to wait in anticipation for the little chicks to hatch.

The FieldTurf field designed for football, soccer, and lacrosse features Brock PowerBase/YSR and their organic infill, Purefill, making it one of the most advanced systems installed in the nation. The complex also features a brand new running track, shot put and discus throwing areas and sprinting and long-jump alleys.  With all the excitement that was surrounding the grand opening on April 2nd, it was undoubtedly disappointing to see the killdeer mama bird skipping toward her eggs.

“The bird showed up, and we’ll just let it do it’s thing and then we’ll use the field when we can,” Ginter told the Sacramento Bee.


The long wait finally ended last week Wednesday and the student athletes are scheduled to take to the field next week.  Fortunately for the team, the bird's migratory patterns predict that they will be on their way soon and will likely not return.

Photo Credit: The Washington Post

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